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  • Lithographic services

At Fegno Press we deploy punching system and precision graph technology on clamping pins for accurate positioning of films on lithographic plates to avoid misalignment and troubleshooting during printing.

The films are exposed on the plate by our state-of- the art computerized A1 Helioprint 290 plate maker and finally developed on our developing machine without diminished of details and tones on the image. No trial and error. No manual operation.

  • Computer Graphics

We have the latest computer graphic software and packages in our Graphic department for corporate and commercial graphic designs and artworks for crisp quality printing productions. We also have Direct Image printer for production of visuals and sample copies for our clients.

  • Desktop Publishing

We produce quality typesetting page layout and formatting for publishing brochures, magazines, accounting manuals, and annual reports for corporate and commercial printing. We also undertake quality computer printouts, ranging from A5 to A3 on paper and fil

  • Die-cutting

We offer the best die-cutting services at Fegno Press. We die-forms with required specifications and details which is fixed on our Heidelberg cylinder for stamping designs and cutting desired  shapes on printed stock for pharmaceutical Industries, Beverage and Food Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Printing houses and Individual printers.

  • Large format printing

We offer quality large format impression on Flex and assorted sticker for corporate Organizations, Individual Printers, Printing houses and the general public at an affordable cost and prompt delivery.

  • Publishing

We prepare and print books, Magazines, Journal, etc, starting from typesetting, proof reading, editing, formting, printing, and finishing. Our publication exemplifies aesthetic quality that ensures adherence to the most complex specifications and details demanded by our customers, with timely delivery that ensures our Customers consistent patronage.

  • Finishing

Fegno press is equipped with state -of -the art Machines and skilled Manpower for finishing operations.

Our digitized A1 stahl folding machine is one of the best in the Industry with 5 clamp pony perfect binder and computerized polar E cutting machine that make prompt delivery a reality.

We also offer all kinds of lamination, punching, embossing, die-cutting and creasing. Our finishing section is a one stop shop for all finishing activities.

  • Gift Items

We impress designs and messages on gift/promotional items, with our Fabrika machines, using different kinds of transfer techniques to apply graphic images to specially coated ceramics, metals, and cotton-polyester blend cloth using heat and pressure.

We also make customized designer on wood, metal allay, and plastic to any specifications with the use of our CN cruter. This technology is usually used to make award plagues, contour signage and billboard.

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